On my last visit to the Happy Home projects in November, I was able to use the money we raised to help support the children and hopefully make their lives as comfortable as possible. In addition to Katie the new cow, we bought a haystack to feed Katie through the winter months.

We also bought school jumpers and warm fleece jackets for all the children; bedding including blankets, sheets, pillows and duvets, 2 electric water heaters to supply hot water to the showers at the Chitwan Happy Home, a pressure cooker and gas cooking hob for the Chitwan Happy Home and a volley ball and volley ball net.

The total spend was £1,250. The Happy Home projects are funded by programme fees paid by volunteers and donations. A further donation of £1,250 was made to Happy Homes to help cover the costs over the winter months. £2,500 in total donated to the Happy Home projects by Raise Funds for Nepal and our friends.

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