Happy Home

We support the Happy Home Children’s Homes in Nepal. Happy Home is a non-profit, locally run organisation, established in 2005 and is supported by our partner organisation in Nepal. In 2010 Happy Home was established as a registered children’s home by the Nepal Social Welfare Council.

There are two Happy Homes, one in Pokhara and one in Chitwan. Happy Homes’ mission is to provide the homeless and abandoned children of Nepal with shelter, food, healthcare and education. Donate

Pokhara Happy Home


Chitwan Happy Home

Taken from Happy Home website.

“Our aim is to provide children who have either lost their parents through death from illness or accident or have been abandoned or working in child labour situations with a safe and caring environment, a “Happy Home”. Given that our priorities are equality, understanding and acceptance of people, we have, in the Happy Home, children from a broad range of religious, tribal and caste structures. Living together, working through differences, fostering a family atmosphere, getting a good education, and generally sharing life together is an important part of achieving this priority‘.

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