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We are a UK charity with over 20 years experience of volunteer and back-packing travel to Nepal. Our primary mission is the prevention or relief of poverty and the advancement of education in Nepal. Where appropriate, we also support rural communities in Nepal. Our projects

We organise tailor made travel and adventure packages, combining village homestay with options for mountain trekking, jungle safari, paragliding, rafting and yoga and meditation retreats. Contact us

If you are thinking about visiting Nepal, why not consider one of our homestay programmes for part of your trip. Homestay provides a different type of travel experience. It allows you to see the country from a ‘non-tourist’ perspective. We have two homestay programmes, one in the mountains and one in the jungle. FAQ

Nepal is one of those destinations that should be on everyone’s wish list of places to visit. They say in Nepal “once is not enough” as you have to visit Nepal more than once to appreciate how much the country and people have to offer.

Whether it’s visiting the many temples of Kathmandu, taking an elephant safari through the steaming hot jungles of the Terai, or marvelling at the snow-white peaks of the Himalayas, there is always plenty to see and do.

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