How did we put your donations to work?

Earlier this year we were able to send a donation of £3,500 to our charity project in Nepal, Happy Home. We would once again like to thank everyone who worked hard to raise money and for the donations you made to support our project and the children who live at Happy Home.


Our mission is to raise funds to support the Happy Home projects in an effort to provide a stable base for abandoned and displaced children. The children now go to school and live in a safe environment, free from danger and exploitation, just like other children. Your generous donations help make this possible.

When we visited Happy Home in May of this year I was delighted to see the progress that had been made since my last visit in 2016. Everything was up and running and functioning properly. There was a new vegetable garden; running water, new windows and doors, toilets and showers in every room and a kitchen and dining room.

Meeting with some representatives of the Village Council

road 9

The Pokhara Happy Home is in Chhorepatan, a suburb of Pokhara near Devi’s Falls, a popular tourist attraction. Apart from a few houses dotted here and there, this area of Pokhara is relatively undeveloped. There was no real infrastructure and the area could previously only be reached along simple dirt track roads.

This area is now being developed, providing new homes to accommodate the growing number of families moving from the rural countryside to the cities. The crucial factor in progressing the development is having an adequate road. We felt it was important to get involved with the local community and play our part, helping fund the road building costs, as having a good road provides much better access to Happy Home. It also helps us to better integrate with our neighbours.

How did we put your donations to work?

  • We made a significant contribution towards the construction costs of the new road mentioned above
  • We paid for the internal toilets and showers in 5 rooms covering; toilets, sinks, showers, pipes, tiling and labour
  • We also made a donation to cover unpaid bills for the overall construction costs for; sand, cement, concrete blocks and labour

Thanks again for your fantastic support. If you would like more information about Raise Funds for Nepal and our projects please drop me an email at or call me on +44 7803 555915. If you would like to donate please click on the donate tab on our site.


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  1. Great Report and well illustrated…..excellent use of funds…well done

    1. Thanks Bert.

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