The Generosity of People

When you start fundraising you always have the fear that you’re not going to raise any money. You convince yourself that no-one will be interested in your cause.

What I actually found was that people were very interested in donating money to Raise Funds for Nepal and the Happy Home Children’s Homes we are supporting. Each time we completed a Munro, friends, family & work colleagues would ask us how we were getting on with our challenge.

A good example of the generosity of people was the fantastic support provided by Morven Lyle and her daughter Morven, members of Old Gourock & Ashton Parish Church.


Morven approached Karen a few weeks ago to tell her about a plan she had to support our challenge. Morven has an elderly neighbour who has a mature apple tree in her garden. Morven’s plan was to pick the apples and sell them after Church service with all the proceeds going to Raise Funds for Nepal. A the last count, Morven and her daughter had raised £65.00, which is absolutely amazing. We can’t thank Morven & Morven enough. Thank you.

We’ve completed our chalenge now and it’s good to have our weekends back. I’m hoping to send the money we’ve raised out to Nepal over the next couple of weeks once we’ve got a final tally.

Any further support you can give would be welcomed.

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