dsc_0439Well, that’s our Climb Mount Everest by Munro Challenge now complete. We climbed Ben Nevis yesterday, which was a 15km hike over 7 hours, with an altitude gain of 1,352m. The weather was really kind to us, offering fantastic views over the Highlands of Scotland and no rain for a change! dsc_0416

This takes our total altitude gain from sea level to 8,867m (29,091 feet), slightly above our target of 8,848m (29,029 feet). It’s been a struggle at times and fantastic and rewarding at times, but well worth the effort to support a very worthy cause. 


We’ve had amazing support during our challenge, including 2 very kind ladies from Karen’s church who cleared an apple tree of this year’s crop and sold them to raise funds for our charity project (details to follow).

dsc_0411Please remember that there is no state funded support for children and families in Nepal if children are orphaned or abandoned. The aim of our charity is to provide children with a safe environment where they can access healthcare, live in safety, free of exploitation and go to school, hopefully providing them with a better future than they were facing.


Anything you can do to help us achieve our aims would be great.



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