Training for trekking in Nepal

I’ve been walking a lot over the past 5 weeks in preparation for trekking during my upcoming trip to Nepal. I’m away for 4 weeks and plan to trek for approximately 12 – 14 days, so it was important to at least try to get more active before I left Scotland.

True to form the Scottish weather was as unpredictable as usual. Scotland had the highest temperatures in March since records began, the next week major roads were blocked by heavy snowfalls. As for my local town Greenock, it must be one of the few places on the planet where you can sunbathe in the morning and build a snowman in the afternoon. Not to mention the rain, the rain, the rain.

The pictures below were taken during this period and clearly show the unpredictability of the local weather.

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4 thoughts on “Training for trekking in Nepal

  1. Great photos and all the best for the Trek.

    1. Thanks for that Bert. Hopefully lots of interesting thing to report and pics to share. Take Care. Liam.

  2. Looking good buddy, I am sure you will be super fit and ready to go. You take a no bad photo as well. Hope everything is going well with you .

    1. Cheers Les, appreciate it. Heard from Nick that you’re enjoying your new job, that’s great. I’ll get in touch when I get back and we can hopefully get together for a beer and catch up.

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