Some more detail added to blog – progress being made

I’ve never blogged before so I’m pretty much learning how this works as I go along. The main reason for putting this blog together is to document my journey back to Nepal 10 years after I first visited the county.

Annapurna trek

I’ve finally completed uploading a selection of pictures from my previous visits to Nepal which include chasing a rhino, planting rice, trekking and some other stuff. They can all be found under the archives tab.

I’ve got plans for things I want to do in the future and this is the first step to getting things under way. I thought it was important to include some details and background relating to what’s went before as this really was a journey that began back in 2002. Hopefully this will also provide a trip down memory lane opportunity for the other travellers and volunteers I met in Nepal or generally for anyone else who has visited this wonderful country. Who knows it may even encourage new visitors to Nepal.

All I need to do now is add more detail to some of the tabs that are still showing as under construction and then getting prepared for my trip in April 2012.

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1 thought on “Some more detail added to blog – progress being made

  1. Hi Liam

    Got 8 pages of travel advice from Travax. I have saved as a word doc so need an email address to send this to you or will leave it at work for you. Or if you want you can pick up a copy at the house.


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