Make a difference today

Our aim is to provide you with an opportunity to help make a difference to the lives of children in Nepal, while having the trip of a lifetime. We want to encourage you to consider Nepal as the go to travel and adventure destination. We want you to experience the real Nepal, see the Himalayas up close, maybe see a tiger, tell your friends and then come back and see us again and again. As they say in Nepal, once is not enough!

Our approach to providing a fantastic volunteer experience is a bit different from other organisations. We don’t try to be all things to all men, but rather specialise in one destination, using our extensive experience to keep it simple and do it well.

As a volunteer on one of our programmes, you make an impact just by travelling to Nepal. You support our projects with your time and programme fees. You also support the village stores when you shop there. You support the taxi drivers, the bus drivers, restaurants and hotels during your free time. When you go on a trek or jungle safari, you support the porters, the lodge owners and their families and even support the ongoing conservation programmes in Nepal. The list is endless.

Sounds exciting right? Why not contact us today and join us soon for the adventure of a lifetime. You won’t regret it.

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