The Yellow House

Our Yellow House project is in the village of Goljung, which sits at 1,945m above sea level, high in the Himalayas near Tibet and the border with China. The villagers are Tamang people and have their own dialect rather than speaking Nepali. The Yellow House is owned by Singi and his family. Singi taught at the local school and is a respected member of the village community. Prior to the earthquake Singi and his family hosted volunteers who would live at his home and teach English at the local school and to the village children.

The 3-storey home that sat on the site of the Yellow House was completely destroyed by the 2015 earthquake.

After the earthquake, the Nepal government estimated rebuilding costs countrywide would exceed $10 billion and would take years to complete. For the individual households that qualified for government subsidies, three separate payments totalling $3,000 were distributed. The mountain location increased the cost of building materials and labour, meaning the government subsidies were nowhere near enough to rebuild a home in this part of Nepal.

When we visited Goljung in November 2019, construction of a new home for Singi and his family had ground to a halt, with no hope of completion in sight. We decided that helping Singi and his family met our mission of supporting those in need living in rural communities.

As a result of fundraising and donations to Raise Funds for Nepal, construction of the Yellow House was completed over the following 12 months. Donate

The Yellow House is now available to visit as part of our homestay programme. We believe that bringing people to live in the Yellow House will further support Singi and his family and the Goljung villagers in general, as well as providing a once in a lifetime experience for overseas travellers. Contact us

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