Pokhara Happy Home

The Pokhara Happy Home is located in an area of Pokhara called Chhorepatan.

I originally visited both Happy Homes in May 2015 with my son Jack shortly before the 2015 earthquake. At the time the organisation was renting a property in Pokhara, which wasn’t really fit for purpose. A new Happy Home was under construction, but this was at an early stage at the time. The earthquake later that month basically halted the construction.

I returned to Nepal in March 2016 to see how the project was progressing and see what I could do to help and establish how much money was need to get everything completed. I mucked in and helped with a bit of painting, digging and mixing cement for the sceptic tank. The project had progressed but there was still a lot to be done.

When completed, the Happy Home in Pokhara will consist of a main building catering for approximately 20 children, with a kitchen, communal room and 5 bedrooms with internal bathrooms. Volunteers will be located in separate accommodation.

Raise Funds for Nepal recently donated £3,500 to the Pokhara Happy Home project and I’ll be visiting the project personally in May 2017 to see how the development is coming along and identify what still needs to be done to get the work completed.


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